Dear university graduates,

Congratulations on graduating from one of the most difficult programs, which accounting is. It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your hard labour and years invested in serious learning of accounting. But first, you are required to find a new job. Looking for that first accounting job can be a daunting task, since employers are looking for an experienced staff to get the job done. Some employers may offer volunteering positions to help you gain those experience, but how long can you afford going on without a pay, especially after acquiring a hefty debt it took to finish your university program. We are here to help you joining the accounting community by enabling you to learn the most used accounting software among the small and medium businesses in Canada. Knowing QuickBooks will open many doors that were once closed. Business owners need your help and will hire you with confidence knowing you are “fluent” user in this software to assist them with keeping control over their finances and enabling them to make wise business decisions.

Why Training in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is an accounting software used by over 4.3 million business users. Whether it’s a simple bookkeeping or managing the finances of an entire organization, QuickBooks is very straightforward with a minimal effort. In Canada, QuickBooks software is the leading provider of accounting automation. Unfortunately, most of the colleges don’t offer this course. As public accountants, we see the need in the market and decided to fill the gap to help you start building your professional career fast. Learning to use this software efficiently will enable you to market yourself on the job market, you will avoid making costly mistakes once on the job, and producing accurate and fast results will impress your new employer and will allow you to progress the corporate ladder. Add some confidence to your new career! Click here to find our Professional QuickBooks Training.