Quickbooks is one of the most appraised accounting platforms. It’s a software that allows accountants and business owners easily access valuable information and increase their overall efficiency. Accounting students and new graduates should definitely consider learning this highly popular software since being well versed in this software can be a good stepping stone to start your career in the accounting field. Our QuickBooks training will provide you with the right skills and will build your confidence to smoothly transition into any accounting job like a pro.

What can you do with QuickBooks?

QuickBooks offers many features including daily workbook. QuickBooks enables you to create Invoices with just a few clicks of a button. It ensures that the correct process is automatically set to the correct account. The software allows you to check your cash flow, create reports, track overdue invoices and fully understand your sales on demand. The application allows you an easy and efficient control of your financial affairs. Other very useful features of QuickBooks include automatic tax disbursement, a simple list of all your expenses, and work-time savings while answering tax-related inquiries. You can also track your company’s vehicle mileage for tax credits, easily automate organization of your personal assets, calculate GST, run company’s payroll and easily make payments to the CRA.

QuickBooks has changed the way accountants work nowadays. There is no longer need to keep hundreds of folders and many desktop files in order to keep control of company’s accounts. QuickBooks Online allows you to access your files virtually from any device regardless of your geographical location, as long as you have an internet connection. New accountants must deal with the arduous task of handling multiple accounts every day, so being well versed in software use is essential for the successful launch of an accounting career. QuickBooks provides an easy overview of what an accountant does on daily basis.