Accounting Talent Market

With over 10 years of accounting experience providing broad accounting and tax planning services to clients from varied fields of different sizes, Ke Wang has established broad accounting network and pool of resources to handle small to medium businesses' accounting and tax affairs. With our extensive accounting experience, along with serving as a training facility for aspired future CPAs, we are able to connect you with the most suitable personnel for your business’ accounting needs.

Finding a suitable accountant can sometime feel like finding a needle in a haystack.
Is your bookkeeper leaving for a vacation?
Do you require monthly or quarterly accounting service?

We are here to help you meeting your needs and providing you with an affordable and efficient service that is just right for you. From a temporary professional accountant to a part-time or full time permanent employee, we are able to recommend you with candidate that has the skills your business needs.

Are you looking for an employment in the accounting field, but no one is responding to your resume and you don’t know many contacts in accounting field to recommend you?

We totally understand, and you found us for a reason. Whether you are looking for a full-time, part-time or a temporary accounting job, we get you in touch with the employer that meets your needs. And of course, those who choose to go through our company’s QuickBooks training will be given a priority in finding the placement. This is not to discriminate, but you’d agree we’d have a better idea of your accounting understanding as well as ensuring you are well versed with the software most of our clients use in their day to day business activities.