QuickBooks Platform

QuickBooks is Canada's primary accounting software especially favoured by small and medium businesses for its simplicity to manage and automate data collection.
QuickBooks is highly sophisticated software in terms of finding ways to take large amount of data, and easily organizing it into meaningful information software users can apply in their daily decision making. QuickBooks strives to be simple, user friendly and efficient by automating data collection as much as possible and they take pride in helping clients to achieve these goals by investing into extensive research to improve their software even more.

QuickBooks supports Desktop and Online version. The desktop QuickBooks version has been in use since the early 1990s and lately it has become a common practice accessing the software online using the cloud computing. However, the desktop version currently offers more advanced features and functions opposed to the online version. On the other hand, the desktop version requires the software to be installed on your computer with regular updates, while online version allows you to access it from any computer wherever you are.

QuickBooks Online was introduced in the recent years and is more streamlined in comparison to Desktop version, with many features being continuously added. Online version tends to be attractive for many small business users especially because it doesn’t require extensive upfront investment as well as as long as they have internet access they are able to access their QuickBooks files from any internet connected device.

Which QuickBooks version am I better suited for?

Desktop version

Original Desktop Version requires purchasing and downloading the software on your computer, and offers many useful features, but it requires frequent updates. Desktop version is recommended to be uses in a product-based business, such as manufacturers or retailers.

Online version

Online Version is monthly subscription plan utilising cloud servers. This version is often used by the service-based businesses. With QuickBooks Online, you no longer need to worry about printing or forgetting your reports for your meetings any more. As long as you remember your login access, you will be able to access any information whenever wherever you need it. Online version offers online tutorials so whenever there are any new features added to the online version, you can view the tutorials online right at your fingertips. Intuit often offers special promotions to get you hooked up by at times offering its customers up to 50% discounts for start using the online version.